Ontario Public Health has recently closed a number of medical and dental clinics which were not compliant with new regulations. Many health care professionals are not aware that their practices may be at risk.    


The Challenge

The Provincial Infectious Diseases Advisory Committee (PIDAC) and The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) recently updated its requirements for the reprocessing of reusable medical and dental instruments. Public Health, as well as the CPSO, have adopted PIDAC's policies. Compliance with these new policies will require radical and expensive changes in how many of us clean, and sterilize, our reusable instruments. There are new specifications for space, design, custom ceiling, flooring and counter tops, specialized equipment, training and documentation, to name just a few. This is a costly endeavor, with no expectation of reimbursement from the Ministry of Health or OHIP. Many practitioners will be forced to switch to disposables. But for those who prefer metal instruments, we can help. 

Our Solution

Anticipating  these changes, we created and equipped new space and trained new staff last year to meet or exceed PIDAC recommendations and CSA guidelines. We are confident that we satisfy all the regulatory requirements, and are now pleased to offer the service to our colleagues. 


The decision to perform onsite medical device reprocessing, or to utilize external services, can be overwhelming. To assist you with your decision making, please follow the attached link to Ontario's Public Health website. You will find several documents addressing medical device reprocessing which encompasses all healthcare settings.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to 

patient safety and infection control.

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